I hate when teachers do this... teacher, school
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I when teachers do this during class.
teacher, school
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Scantron Teacher Rage Guy, Once every year I like to really mess with my students. Scantron style.
Scantron Teacher Rage Guy
Analyzing Poems, What your english teacher thinks the author mean vs what the author actually meant.
Analyzing Poems
Oh no, Im going to be late for class..., I'm not a very good student.
Oh no, Im going to be late for class...
Starbucks Coffee, Starbucks Coffee turned into Sucks coffee.
Starbucks Coffee
Forever Ramon,
Forever Ramon
You Have Greatly Pleased Korean Monkey Baby, You Have Greatly Pleased Korean Monkey Baby. Cute korean baby in a monkey outfit.
You Have Greatly Pleased Korean Monkey Baby
Eating Bacon with Chopsticks, Just a stoner eating bacon with chopsticks.
Eating Bacon with Chopsticks
Frequency of Lying, Frequency of Lying
Frequency of Lying
Run Forest, Run!, A tree running, or not.
Run Forest, Run!

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