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A few buttons I propose get added to facebook.
facebook, buttons
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Dont tell me to stop smoking!,
Dont tell me to stop smoking!
Friend forgot to log off their computer..., Friend forgot to log off their computer. I'm a total hacker!
Friend forgot to log off their computer...
Annoying Facebook Couple Is Annoying, How annoying is this?
Annoying Facebook Couple Is Annoying
I Got Laid Today, Free Range Eggs, that got laid today.
I Got Laid Today
Hipster Gandalf, You've never heard of the Dwarves? It's probably because they're so underground.
Hipster Gandalf
Mario Cat, Maria Cat. Nuff said.
Mario Cat
633509838705161772 engrish victoly, 633509838705161772 engrish victoly
633509838705161772 engrish victoly
Your money or your life!,
Your money or your life!
The King of Sweden, The king of Sweden.
The King of Sweden

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