I Choose You! pokemon, ring, marriage, love, pokeball
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Marriage proposal, pokemon style.
pokemon, ring, marriage, love, pokeball
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Pokeball Pizza,
Pokeball Pizza
Catching a Wild Abra,
Catching a Wild Abra
Wait, I Know You..., A guard finally recognizes you, as the person who has been moving plates around the tavern.
Wait, I Know You...
Tony Practices the Piano every day,
Tony Practices the Piano every day
Obvious Troll, Obvious troll is obvious.
Obvious Troll
Spider Bro, A guy saves a girl from a spider, but theres a twist!
Spider Bro
Anteater Jedi, The anteater jedi is stronger with the force.
Anteater Jedi
Your husband's doing well, but..., Your husband's doing well, but we're going to need to keep him overnight because hes funny and I'm lonely.
Your husband's doing well, but...

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