Flawless Victory demotivational, flawless, victory
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Cat showing a dog how one does a flawless victory or whatever.
demotivational, flawless, victory
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Cat Ascension, Leaving this mortal plane behind me, Fare thee well: for I must leave this mortal plane behind me.
Cat Ascension, Leaving this mortal plane behind me
My Feets are Wrong, My feets... They go wrong way!
My Feets are Wrong
Animals reactions to being placed inside a cardboard box, What happens when you place various animals under a cardboard box.
Animals reactions to being placed inside a cardboard box
Hipsters Attacking From The East, I don't think Mum is amused by my response.
Hipsters Attacking From The East
Lego Man Ffffuuuu, Lego man gets rejected as they want someone with more experience.
Lego Man Ffffuuuu
One foot sticking out, Trying to sleep when I notice one foot is sticking out. Gotta pull it in slowly. I almost died.
One foot sticking out
When helping a customer..., How to help a customer. When the customer is ready to order, do not say anything. Just stare.
When helping a customer...
Moses Fishing, Moses keeps parting the water while he and his friend go fishing.
Moses Fishing
Girl Logic, The story of girls only dating jerks.
Girl Logic

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