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Girlfriend draws on boyfriend to surprise.
comics, draw, boyfriend
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The greatest feeling!, Me, looking at my new boyfriend's facebook page, when his status changes into in a relationship.
The greatest feeling!
My boyfriend is addicted to Skyrim, My boyfriend is addicted to Skyrim.
My boyfriend is addicted to Skyrim
I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow..., I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow, but when I woke up my boyfriend was gone.
I dreamt I was eating a giant marshmallow...
Laziness, This is a whole new level of lazy. Not even taking the doorstop out of the package.
The reason I have trust issues, Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues.
The reason I have trust issues
How to defeat a Tank, Louis attacks a tank.
How to defeat a Tank
Internet Tough Guys,
Internet Tough Guys
A Cautionary Tale of Commas, Cautionary use of commas involving steaks.
A Cautionary Tale of Commas
Science Advocates vs Scientists, Science Advocates vs Scientists on why we need to discover antimatter.
Science Advocates vs Scientists

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