Truthful Fortune Cookie fortune cookie, help, honest
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A truthful fortune cookie that says it cannot help you.
fortune cookie, help, honest
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First World Problem,
First World Problem
Angry Cookie Face, Chocolate chip cookie.
Angry Cookie Face
The reason I have trust issues, Raisin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason I have trust issues.
The reason I have trust issues
Being British is about..., Being british is about driving a german car to an irish pub for a belgian beer, then traveling home, grabbing an indian curry or a turkish kabab on the way, to sit on swedish furniture and watch american shows on a japanese tv.
Being British is about...
Oh god how did this get here, Oh god how did this get here
Oh god how did this get here
Dainget Madelyn, Madelyn tells her paw that she's pregnant.
Dainget Madelyn
Everyday I'm Shufflin,
Everyday I'm Shufflin
Its a Massachusetts thing..., Its a Massachusetts thing...
Its a Massachusetts thing...
Bee and Flower, A young flower is watching a video of a flower being pollenated and the flower's mom walks in on it.
Bee and Flower

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