What if Rapunzel was Black? rapunzel, black
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What if Rapunzel was Black?
rapunzel, black
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IT'S FRIDAY!!, How Rebecca Black as bullied in school.
Congratulations on being black teens, Our class congratulated them for being black teens.
Congratulations on being black teens
Coffee Please, Coffee Please
Coffee Please
Lobster Food, One lobster hates the way babies scream when you boil them, but the other lobster assures her it is just air escaping.
Lobster Food
Badass Dumbledore, But sir, I thought you couldn't apparate within Hogwarts?
Badass Dumbledore
My favorite teacher..., Student gets owned on facebook.
My favorite teacher...
Go Back, A troll seedling tells the other seedlings to go away.
Go Back
Spiderman Fails to shoot web,
Spiderman Fails to shoot web
No You Cant, Truck trying to make it under a low bridge.
No You Cant

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