What if Rapunzel was Black? rapunzel, black
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What if Rapunzel was Black?
rapunzel, black
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IT'S FRIDAY!!, How Rebecca Black as bullied in school.
Congratulations on being black teens, Our class congratulated them for being black teens.
Congratulations on being black teens
Coffee Please, Coffee Please
Coffee Please
Never Crash, Macs. they never crash.
Never Crash
The Big Mac idea, Kevin from the office tells of his big mac idea.
The Big Mac idea
Excited for my date with Jill tonight, Another lonely Valentines Day
Excited for my date with Jill tonight
Don't take their title away, Worst band in the world.
Don't take their title away
Parkour Explained, Parkour - The Art of running away.
Parkour Explained
Bleach or Naruto?, What is better, Bleach or Naruto?
Bleach or Naruto?

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