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Do you know how Pokemon games are saved? Pokemon cartridge batterys may die soon.
all the things, pokemon comics
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Ash Finally Recognizes Team Rocket,
Ash Finally Recognizes Team Rocket
Just wait until I get to Level 55, Just wait until Dratini gets to level 55.
Just wait until I get to Level 55
Safari Adventure, Safari Adventure, throwing rocks at Pokemon.
Safari Adventure
A Guide To Smilies, Guide to understanding smileys.
A Guide To Smilies
Laziness, This is a whole new level of lazy. Not even taking the doorstop out of the package.
IT'S FRIDAY!!, How Rebecca Black as bullied in school.
Breaking Bad Buffoon, Walter tells jesse he is irresponsible and things get out of hand. yo.
Breaking Bad Buffoon
The King of Sweden, The king of Sweden.
The King of Sweden
Its dangerous to go alone, take a pokemon!,
Its dangerous to go alone, take a pokemon!

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Gastly Forgot Mean LookYou must be my Spirit Pokemon
Just wait until I get to Level 55Catching a Wild Abra


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