Grab Your Feet feet, monster, scary, spooky, creepy
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There really is a monster that will grab your feet under your bed.
feet, monster, scary, spooky, creepy
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One foot sticking out, Trying to sleep when I notice one foot is sticking out. Gotta pull it in slowly. I almost died.
One foot sticking out
2 Feet of snow in New York!, 2 Feet of snow in New York!
2 Feet of snow in New York!
Problem Eating Me,
Problem Eating Me
Other Kids, How come parents are always nicer to other kids that to their own?
Other Kids
Harry Potter, Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Cartoon Network Old vs New, Hey kid. You will never be as good as I was.
Cartoon Network Old vs New
truly epic.JPG, truly epic.JPG
truly epic.JPG
Cats Watching Nyan Cat, It's a neverending circle.
Cats Watching Nyan Cat
Done, Jerry Seinfeld is done with you.

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