Grab Your Feet feet, monster, scary, spooky, creepy
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There really is a monster that will grab your feet under your bed.
feet, monster, scary, spooky, creepy
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One foot sticking out, Trying to sleep when I notice one foot is sticking out. Gotta pull it in slowly. I almost died.
One foot sticking out
2 Feet of snow in New York!, 2 Feet of snow in New York!
2 Feet of snow in New York!
Problem Eating Me,
Problem Eating Me
Parkour Explained, Parkour - The Art of running away.
Parkour Explained
I'm a werewolf!, This is why I cant admit to loving twilight.
I'm a werewolf!
Being British is about..., Being british is about driving a german car to an irish pub for a belgian beer, then traveling home, grabbing an indian curry or a turkish kabab on the way, to sit on swedish furniture and watch american shows on a japanese tv.
Being British is about...
Theres a Pider!, Three year old daughter freaks out about spider.
Theres a Pider!
Invisible Swimming Pool,
Invisible Swimming Pool
When my computer freezes, What i do when my computer freezes up.
When my computer freezes

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