Polar Bear Tripping polar bear, tripping, field, flower, flowers
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Polar Bear Tripping
polar bear, tripping, field, flower, flowers
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Got My Tube, Polar Bear playing with his tube.
Got My Tube
Patient Bear, Patient Bear. Will be ready when you are.
Patient Bear
Laser Bear Hands, A young man offers a bear a free balloon. While the bear reaches for the balloon he ever so slightly melts the young mans face off with his laser bear hands all the while destroying his free balloon.
Laser Bear Hands
Why are you wearing pajamas?, Why are you wearing pyjamas?
Why are you wearing pajamas?
Moustache Face Swap, A family decides they'd rather all have moustaches, than to live normally without.
Moustache Face Swap
Euro Nails (American Style), Fail nail salon.
Euro Nails (American Style)
Like a Chuck., Chuck Norris stops a chainsaw.
Like a Chuck.
And furthermore..., And furthermore, you can all go fuck yourselves.
And furthermore...
Why Barney is Satan, Heres proof.
Why Barney is Satan

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