Banana? Yes, this is clown phone, banana, yes this is
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Banana? Yes, this is clown
phone, banana, yes this is
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Man Rule #392: Banana, How to eat a banana as a man.
Man Rule #392: Banana
Yellow Things, Long yellow things because the word banana is too mainstream.
Yellow Things
You've met your match machine!, What the hell kind of terrible machine gives out pieces of fruit as prizes.
You've met your match machine!
American English vs British English, Quick translation guide for American English vs British English.
American English vs British English
Downhill Wheels, Jack up your rear wheel ans enjoy coasting down hill.
Downhill Wheels
Sister America, That wouldn't happen in america.
Sister America
Bumpy Road Ahead, Whoa bumpy road ahead!
Bumpy Road Ahead
School to the Real World,
School to the Real World
IT'S FRIDAY!!, How Rebecca Black as bullied in school.

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