Dragonborn Jesus jesus, troll jesus, dragon, church, priest, troll jesus
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Jesus wants the priest to tell the people about the time he fought a dragon.
jesus, troll jesus, dragon, church, priest, troll jesus
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Batman Symbol, Jesus tells the lady to do a batman symbol.
Batman Symbol
Jesus Turn, Jesus asks when will it be his turn for kisses.
Jesus Turn
Opening, Jesus tells a story to a young man playing a song.
Kermit Truth, Kermit the frong is about to be told the horrible truth about who...or what he really is.
Kermit Truth
Daddy, how was I born?,
Daddy, how was I born?
About to lose an argument..., About to lose an argument, start to cry.
About to lose an argument...
Family Closet, A family comes out of the closet together.
Family Closet
Sometimes when I'm stressed at work..., Sometimes when I'm stressed at work I like to remind myself that I'm a giant talking monkey, playing on a computer.
Sometimes when I'm stressed at work...
Where I Learn Engrish Too, Where I Learn Engrish Too
Where I Learn Engrish Too

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