Cat Ascension, Leaving this mortal plane behind me demotivational, ascension, cat, cats
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Fare thee well: for I must leave this mortal plane behind me.
demotivational, ascension, cat, cats
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My Feets are Wrong, My feets... They go wrong way!
My Feets are Wrong
What did you say to me?, What did you say to kitty?
What did you say to me?
This is where Lady Gaga gets her inspiration, Lady Gaga: Her costumes are inspired by this cat.
This is where Lady Gaga gets her inspiration
Russiaball creates tree launcher, Russiaball creates a treelauncher.
Russiaball creates tree launcher
You just divided by zero, didn't you?, You just divided by zero, didn't you ?
You just divided by zero, didn't you?
My Facebook Timeline Lately, Like in three seconds if... NO! Stop it!
My Facebook Timeline Lately
Hitman Monkey Relaxing, Hitman monkey relaxing and taking a break from the job he's good at, yet takes no pleasure in.
Hitman Monkey Relaxing
Nope., Hikers and Bikers move to the side of the road if a vehicle is approaching. NOPE. Too many alligators, or is it crocodiles?
DBag House, This is what a guy has to see every morning from his window.
DBag House

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