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3 Reasons Why London is the IT Hub of UK in 2020

Whilst 2020 has been a ‘wash out’ year for many, the future seems bright for London after it was named the second biggest tech hub in the world after Singapore. Despite Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic the UK’s capital has proved its resilience in very testing times.

Technology and innovation are at the forefront as London goes from strength to strength as a global city. The future looks positive for UK technology with huge investment coming from the USA and China in previous years. The UK tech industry has enjoyed a long and steady growth despite market volatility and this growth has now begun to extend into other sub-sectors from quantum to AI.

For any tech entrepreneur or digital business looking to set up base, here are three reasons why the City of London really is the best place in the UK from which to build your empire.

Investment, Growth and aDiverse Tech Community

The UK is now the second biggest country in Europe for tech start-ups with a significant number of venture firms providing support, tax relief and advice to London tech businesses and entrepreneurs. There’s also plenty of support from a growing community with start-up hubs dotted all over the city. With all that inspiration and motivation around you, it’s easy to drop right into networking, sharing offices or simply chatting to fellow techies over a coffee.

Every year in London you’ll find a wide range of events devoted to the technology industry including the excellent London Tech Show and The Cloud Computing World Forum. London also hosts many world-famous conferences such as London Technology Week, SMi’s Annual Cyber Defence and not forgetting the M2M World Congress so you’ll always be at the forefront of developing trends, as IT outsourcing reaches new highs in popularity and new technologies become available remotely.

A Global City

Huge global brands operate from the City of London which, when you consider the sheer amount of different cultures in the city, it’s easy to see why.

Any company which trades internationally will find plenty of willing employees with language skills covering almost anywhere in the world. London also boasts five major airports and excellent transport links connecting business to the rest of the world, ideal for those last-minute trips and new opportunities.

A Great Place to Find Investors and Gain Exposure

London is a top choice as a start-up hub for any tech entrepreneur or new business venture. As the growth of tech start-up businesses continues to rise and succeed, investors are drawn in like moths to a flame.

As with any new business, exposure and publicity can only lead to greater things and with a city full of newspaper and magazine houses, you’ll be spoilt for choice as to which you should contact first. Endless opportunities are right on your doorstep with countless publications both in print and online.

Starting a new tech business or growing an existing one is no easy task, so why not give yourself that extra boost by basing your business in a place that positively encourages success and entrepreneurship?

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