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5 Benefits of an Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board 

Are you planning to buy a paddle board? You must choose between the inflatable and solid paddle boards. Solid paddle boards have been in use for a long time. That explains why some paddlers who use solid boards are hesitant to try inflatable ones. Advanced technology is helping in improving inflatable paddle boards. Currently, they are a better option. Listed below are the benefits of an inflatable SUP.

Compact and convenient 

Inflatable boards provide convenience to their owners. They can be deflated and stored safely in their bags. Thus, it is easier for a person to transport them. They can fit in the boot of your car and are allowed on airplanes. You can carry inflatable paddle board on your back while riding a bike. This board does not take up much storage space. It can fit in your closet. Thus, it is a great option for people living in apartments.


Most people presume an inflatable stand up paddle board is inflexible because it is made of softer material and its rigidity depends on inflated air. This is a wrong assumption. When this SUP is properly inflated to the required level, it becomes as rigid as solid boards. It is hard to differentiate it from solid SUP. Despite being rigid, it has a softer surface. You cannot get hurt when you fall on it.


Inflatable SUPs are strong and durable. Manufacturers use the fusion double-layer technology to make them. This technology reinforces the exterior material for inflatable SUPs. Hence, they are very strong. For your inflatable board to last longer, do not place it on sharp objects. Sharp objects will puncture their surface, especially when they are inflated.


The demand for inflatable SUPs is rising because they are versatile. Manufacturers are providing various types of inflatable SUPs. Buyers can get professional SUPS that are quite fast or slower ones for beginners. The most common inflatable paddle board is 6 inches long. It is suitable for beginners, children, and women because it is stable. You can choose your preferred type from the available varieties.


When going for a paddling experience inside the forest, you might be forced to carry paddle boards for a long distance. That will not be a problem when using an inflatable stand up paddle board. This board is light in weight. It can be carried with one arm only. These boards have stylish carrier bags too. Some carrier bags have wheels that make transporting the boards easy.

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