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6 Ways To Be A Better Church Member

We all know that being a good member of the Church is important, but many members want to be better. To be a better Church member, you have to put the work in. Here are some tips on how to go about it:

  1. Be active in your Church. 

You cannot expect to receive anything if you don’t give back. So participate in what they offer and come to everything possible, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

This will help build community with other members of the congregation and show that you are interested in what is going on around you.

  1. Make an effort to get to know people. 

Get involved and go up and make conversation with someone during fellowship time (or the coffee hour depending on where you attend).

Don’t worry about saying anything too awkward, as you will probably realize that everyone else feels just as out of place as you do!

  1. Don’t keep your struggles to yourself. 

We all go through things, and we find support from those around us. This is especially true in the Church family where people want nothing but for you to be happy and healthy so they can grow together with you! So talk about your problems with someone who can help you through it.

  1. Don’t keep your happiness to yourself either. 

If something good happens in your life, share that too! Be open and honest when things are going well or poorly because others may not know how to help if you don’t express what is needed.

  1. Be understanding of others’ decisions. 

We all live different lives that are influenced by our own experiences. So if someone else decides to do something different than you, don’t judge them for it!

We all have a unique path, and they might be on the same track as you but just taking an alternative route.

  1. Show your faith in small ways where possible. 

This can include helping out others or lifting up prayers for those you know. It doesn’t have to be a big thing as long as it is sincere and from the heart!

Final Words

Lastly, be grateful for everything that God has given you. This can mean different things to everyone, but we all have many blessings that we should take time out of our day to thank Him (and others) for them! We hope that this article was insightful!

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