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Avoiding Noise Pollution In Commercial Developments

Commercial developments are an inevitable process. Every day, companies are looking to expand their operations, individuals are venturing into the real estate business, prompting the construction of structures.

As excited as entrepreneurs, employees, citizens, and other stakeholders may be about an upcoming construction that will improve their quality of life, these construction sites may produce noise in high levels, posing problems to construction workers and nearby people.

Noise pollution in construction sites is caused by a variety of reasons. From carpenters building forms to lay the foundation to steelworkers performing various welding tasks, noise pollution in construction sites can get to hazardous levels.

Commercial Developments Can Be Quieter

The importance of controlling noise in commercial developments cannot be over-emphasized. As much as various things contribute to noise pollution in a construction site, noise levels are often predictable. Commercial developments, most often than not, produce the same levels of noise. As such, it is quite easy to take the necessary measures to curb the noise.

Take an example of a drilling machine. A drilling machine produces the same noise when drilling cemented surfaces, no matter how big or thick the surface is. It is only when the drill hits unprecedented items like metal rods that you will notice a change in the sound produced.

Install Sound Walls

One of the best ways to avoid pollution and control the noise is by constructing sound walls. Sound walls are made from different materials including concrete. The soundproof concrete walls provide optimal noise reduction as well as durability and strength. Besides, they come in varying designs to suit your aesthetic needs. What is even more exciting is that it also offers much-needed privacy and security.

Apart from concrete sound walls, the construction industry also has noise-absorbing panels that are also as effective.  These panels do provide a high-performance noise barrier to cater to your construction needs.

In addition to sound walls, various other ways to reduce noise at a commercial developmental site present themselves. They include:-

  • Embracing less noisy processes like using a hydraulic block splitter instead of a noisier process such as cutting blocks using a cut-off saw.
  • Selecting construction equipment that produces less noise. This can be achieved by making comparisons during the equipment purchasing or hiring process. If trying out the equipment is not an option, you can talk to the manufacturer or supplier and ask them for recommendations.
  • Giving workers hearing protection as a complimentary noise reduction strategy. Only using hearing protection as the main form to reduce noise is not advisable.

Avoiding Noise Pollution is a Necessary Precaution

Unfortunately, many construction workers go about their day to day business, oblivious to the harmful effects of noise. Being subjected to noise for a few minutes may do no harm but prolonged exposure to industrial noise pollution is detrimental to your health. Lack of sleep, declining productivity levels, stress, headaches, and cognitive impairment are some of the adverse effects of noise pollution.  Communication difficulties that may cause misunderstandings during construction is another issue. It is the sole reason why avoiding noise pollution is still a great way to maintain a safe working environment for all.

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