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Comparing Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting

Web hosting is not a topic that is commonplace for every person. If you are not really tech-savvy, you might feel this topic is a little difficult to understand. Although there are different types of hosting, two are very common – Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Shared hosting means that a server and its resources will be shared with other websites. Storage, bandwidth, and everything will be shared here. VPS creates a virtual environment that imitates a dedicated server. However, it sits within a shared hosting environment. As you might guess, the shared hosting price will be much more affordable. Let us look at the key differences.

  • The first difference is resource allocation

Everyone needs resources. Your mobile plan will have certain restrictions on calls and data; similarly, your hosting would include resources such as memory and storage space. On a shared hosting plan, resources are shared with the other websites on the server. If one website is using up too much bandwidth, then the bandwidth will fall short for the others. This problem does not exist with VPS hosting. WordPress web hosting on a private server is preferred by professionals and small businesses who want to cater to customers with a good user experience.

  • Another important feature is security

Shared hosting is very safe, mostly. The web hosting services ensure this. Proper firewalls are always put in place. However, since you are sharing space with other websites and the server is basically the same, it comes down to the precautions taken by everybody. The security of the server is as strong as the weakest link. If one person makes a mistake, every website on the server is vulnerable. Shared WordPress hosting, however, is cost effective and will prove useful when the data is not very confidential and you can manage with low bandwidth.

  • Performance is another point to consider

Your website traffic does not care about the resources your web hosting services offer you. They care about how smoothly your website runs. According to research, netizens expect your website to load within two seconds. If you would like to handle large traffic and not compromise on loading speeds, you would want the right hosting service. Even though the shared hosting price is low, it tends to lag a little when compared to VPS in terms of bandwidth.

  • Customizing and configuring web hosting

This is where VPS becomes a little more complex than shared hosting. The configuration is sorted out on shared hosting plans. In VPS, there are two types – managed and unmanaged. Managed plans are similar to shared hosting. The set-up process is made simpler for you. In unmanaged VPS, you need to do this yourself.

  • The cost factor

Once the technical jargon is done, you come to the most important question. How much are you going to pay for the web hosting services? There are multiple tiers for most hosting types, dictating the number of resources you could get. But, in a nutshell, you will be paying at least thrice for VPS as compared to shared hosting. It all comes down to what you require for your website.

These are the basic differences between shared hosting and VPS.

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