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Decorate your garden with garden lamp post

Ivory & Deene offers very charming and authentic outdoor lamp posts in various styles and illumination. The better the lighting at night, the better you will be surrounded with positive vibes. For a brisk evening walks, swimming pools, driveway or pathways, Ivory & Deene illuminates the path gloriously and makes your living space bright and vibrant. They add charisma to your apartment or working space with electrical and solar garden lamps.

There are numerous varieties of garden lamp post ranging from garden arches to copper pendant, which is coated with aluminum that is water-resistant, heat resistant, and rust-free. There are many varieties of garden lamp posts offered by Ivory & Deene, which will be depicted in the following sections.

Garden lamp post

These are the traditional lamp posts that lighten up your garden area, apartment entrance, swimming pool, walking lanes, and driving lanes. They come up with electrical settings, hence j\you just need to fit it with the help of an electrician. They are coated with powdered aluminum, and hence these lamp posts are suitable for all climatic conditions, namely rainy, sunny, snowy, and windy. They are resistant to rust. The size of this garden lamp post is 220 cm* 23cm (h*w).Its weight ranges from 5.3kg to 5.4 kg.The voltage capacity is 240 volts. They are appropriate for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be easily fitted, and the globe will not be included with this assembly. These are certified by SAA. The set up will not be provided with anchor screws and hex nuts.

Solar garden light post

These solar light posts are easy to assemble and fit. You can fit it in the front portion of your apartment or any other outdoor applications. There are solar panels in the lamp, which gets charged in the sunlight. These solar lamps will give you a nice ambiance to the entrance of your home, driveway, swimming pool, and others. These solar lamps can be activated only after switching on a switch inside the lamp head. The assembly comes with a light head, which is warm white. The lamps are coated with powdered aluminum; hence they are resistant to all weather conditions and highly resistant to rust. These solar lamps are suitable for both household and outdoor applications. The assembly does not include HEX nuts and anchor screws.

Natural rattan lace pendant light

This Amalfi natural rattan lace pendant light gives you a very good interior looking to your kitchen, dining room, and living room. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. They come in natural colors, which are 35 or 45 cm in height. The ceiling canopy will be 10 cm * 2 cm width and height. These rattans are made up of metal and Rattan. These assemble is suitable for one pendant light only. The cord lengths are adjustable. They are certified by SAA. The maximum cord length is 120 cm.

Ivory & Deene thus offers you a wide variety of garden lamps and pendant lights, that give you a very nice ambiance to the environment.

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