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Help Fix My Computer Rapidly and simply!

Will somebody help fix my computer rapidly and simply? I published that same question in forum once. It had been a really active forum populated by newbie computer technicians, gadget or technology enthusiasts as well as professional computer experts. In just an hour or so of my posting that subject, ten people responded, each giving a guidance or suggestion regarding how to best help fix my computer.

Fixing a pc could be this type of daunting task especially to some non expert user. When the only thing you learn about computers would be to type a document and examine websites, you may most likely panic using the first couple of indications of a pc problem.

After I published the ‘help fix my computer’ subject around the forum, I had been then experiencing a really slow performance from my computer. My computer is really at least a year old already so that as many people would say it is extremely expected for any computer to begin to slow lower particularly if you install lots of software and employ your pc regularly. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed and restored to the previous faster performance.

The very first reply I acquired in my ‘help fix my computer’ thread would be a suggestion from the technical support agent saying to perform a disk error check. That one I already understood and that i already attempted it however i further requested when there was anything specific which i must do regarding that disk check. The man responded and explained how to get it done. It had been a really fundamental factor and nearly every computer user already is aware of this the main problem isn’t everyone uses it. And So I began to another reply.

Another guy recommended which i perform a virus scan. He contended that there are plenty laptop or computer infections that do little else but to deliberately slow lower the performance of the computer. I adopted his suggestion and so i installed an anti-virus software, ran it, and also the program found about a few infections. It could take away the infections and my computer indeed performed much better than before. But nonetheless, it had been a little slow so switched to my ‘help fix my computer’ forum thread.

Another fellow advised me to defrag my hard disk. Again, it was a really fundamental factor and that i already performed that operation that very same day. It required around an hour to defrag my two hard disk drives, most likely due to the size the disks along with the quantity of files which were installed there.

Finally, the main one suggestion that really solved my computer problem was from the guy who explained to download a totally free registry scanner and run it on my small machine. I wasn’t very acquainted with registry cleaners therefore the fellow walked me through it. I installed the registry scanner, activated it also it cleared up my Home windows registry. With exactly that, my computer was finally working perfectly! It had been fast again and today I haven’t got to hold back for minutes and minutes of load time whenever I open a pc program.

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