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Here’s All You Need to Know About Schengen Travel Insurance

Almost everybody dreams to visit a European country at least once in their life. No matter if it’s a work trip or a vacation, just the idea of it excites us. However, the most essential thing to pack when you first decide on flying anywhere abroad would be international travel insurance. When you visit a Schengen country, you must know a few things, let’s look at them:

What are the requirements for Schengen travel insurance in India?

  • If you plan on visiting any of the Schengen countries such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, etc. you will compulsorily need to have a travel insurance policy. This document is a necessity while procuring a Schengen visa.
  • To get your hands on your Schengen visa, you will need to approach the consulate or embassy of the country that you want to visit. Note that, your passport must be valid for at least three months post the planned stay period.
  • The travel insurance for Schengen visa could be bought through any general insurance company that has an office in the country that you’re visiting.
  • The entire trip must mandatorily be covered.

Coverage for a Schengen Travel Insurance

As per the terms and conditions of the policy, the below-mentioned situations may be covered under Schengen travel insurance:

  1. Trip interruptions

Your trip might get interrupted due to any reason such as a bad weather condition or unanticipated unrest. Such interruptions cost too much and are beyond your control. Hence, they’re covered by the insurance company.

  1. Flight delay

If your trip is long and you have a connecting flight to reach your desired destination and miss it due to a certain situation, for instance, delay in the flight, your insurance provider will help you get another flight so you reach your destination without any trouble.

  1. Emergency Evacuation

A situation like an outbreak of a disease or an attack may occur any time and you may need to leave the country immediately. In a circumstance like this, your insurer will take care of the evacuation charges.

  1. Permanent or Partial Disability

If you get involved in an accident and it leads to partial or permanent disability, the cost of treatment will be borne by your travel insurance company.

  1. Hospital bills

In case you fall ill on your trip to the Schengen countries, your insurance company has you covered and will look after the hospitalization charges. This extends to all members under the family travel insurance plan.

  1. Loss of luggage

This happens to most of the people traveling, they tend to lose or misplace their bags, or chances are their luggage got delayed or stolen on the trip. Therefore, all your things are gone and you will need to buy the essentials from your pocket. Under a situation like this, your travel insurance provider will reimburse you for expenses like these.

  1. Repatriation of remains

In case the person suffers death on the trip, transporting the remains to his/her homeland will be looked after by the insurance company.

  1. Death or injury of the policyholder while on the trip

If you suffer from injuries or the accident that you got involved in leads to death, you or your family will receive compensation.

  1. Delays in the travel plan

In case of any delays in your trip as a result of bad weather conditions, you may receive help with bookings by your travel insurance company.

Keep in mind that it is mandatory to purchase travel insurance for your trip to a Schengen country. Go through the policy document carefully to understand the coverage provided by your insurer. Also, there are various types of travel plans you can choose from as per your requirements and the nature of trips such as student travel insurance, family travel insurance, senior citizen travel insurance, etc. All you need to do is visit your preferred insurer’s website and select the plan.

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