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Hilarious Gifts for Best Friend’s Birthday

Friends are that family that God forgot to give us. Yes, that’s true! Friends are not just for sharing lunch boxes and secrets; friends are also there to rescue us from any bad situation. And when some of our friends start treating us like family, they become BFF aka Best Friends Forever. And if by now you have not presented your BFF with a gift that is hilarious and stupid at the same time, are you sure that the friendship is true? Haha… Don’t fret, we are kidding! Friends are the people in our life, with whom we can experiment with gifts, as they never take it otherwise.

So, let us explore together, some bday gifts that are hilarious and will make the perfect gift for your best friend.

  1. Funny Coasters- Get your BFF a set of wooden coasters, engraved with funny quotes. This gift would be a perfect pick for a friend who is very serious about laying his/her coffee table with perfection.
  2. Hilarious Mug- Another fun gift would be a coffee mug with a hilarious quote on it. Go for something that you both secretly laugh on; we know you have quite a bunch of inside jokes.
  3. Key Chain- We all have that one friend in our list who is constantly missing on his house keys, bike keys, locker keys, etc. Get such a friend, a pair of keychains that have his pet dialogue or maybe a picture of you two in a hilarious situation.
  4. Colouring Book- What can be a more artsy gift for an artist friend, other than a colouring book? So get your BFF a sketchbook or colouring book with a twist. And for that, get a sketchbook that has funny sketches like farting or pooping animals, etc.
  5. Monster Cushions- It is time to terrify your smart-looking friend with a fun gift that has his own face. Order a big-size cushion with your friend’s face on its cover and ask him to open the gift in front of you. Looking at such a giant face of his own your friend is surely going to feel little terrified and just at that moment, click his picture for his.
  6. Enamel Pin Badge- The size of this gift might be small, but it can be one of the fun gifts that you can consider gifting to your friend. Search online for shops that offer enamel pin badges and get a badge in design like a teacup, peace symbol, flower, colourful audio cassette, etc.
  7. A Pair of a T-shirt- Another fun gift can be a pair of t-shirts on which you can get a burger (on one t-shirt) and french-fries (on another t-shirt) printed with “Best” on one and “Friends” on one. When you both will walk out with this tee on, people are bound to compliment you two.
  8. A Bracelet- Now this would be something funny and innovative at the same time. Many websites online are offering a pair of bracelets that have small handcuffs as a bracelet charm. Along with this comes a small card that reads, “Partner in Crime”. Sounds perfect, right?

All the gifts listed in this list above are funny and innovative at the same time. Give one such gift to your BFF, once in a while. These gift suggestions will surely help you keep that friendship charm alive. So, now what are you waiting for? Go for these bracelets and make your friend’s birthday celebration more rejoicing. Also, do not forget to order birthday cake online with your gift to make it a full package for them.

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