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How to book Flight Tickets: Complete Guide

Booking air tickets online is not rocket science; it is quite straightforward. However, newcomers might feel a bit confused. Which site to visit? What details are to be provided? Read along to know simple steps to be followed to book flight tickets easily.

With the advent of online booking websites and portals, booking flight tickets have been relatively simple. But with fluctuating prices and lucrative offers, it is best if you decide to research a bit before booking a ticket.

Steps to book a flight ticket

  • Selecting the best website: Today, there are many sites that allow you to book flight tickets online. Therefore, before choosing a website, it is best to visit all popular websites and look for offers and discounts. Some sites have a system of providing you with certain reward points (miles) for travelling a particular distance. You can use those collected miles in the future while booking another ticket to avail discount or upgrade your seat.
  • Entering flight details: Once you have selected the website you want to book your ticket from, you will see a typing bar where you will have to enter your travel details. Enter the from and to destination and date of travel. You will also find another option where you will have to select the type of seat you wish to have, i.e., the economy class, the business class, etc. After you provide all the relevant details, click enter, and you will find a list of options of flights for you. Choose as per your convenience, keeping in mind the time of travel and the price of the ticket.
  • Entering personal details: After selecting the appropriate flight, you will now have to add relevant personal details. These details will include mobile number, email ID, and personal information such as first name and last name. This is an important step, and you cannot skip this step, or else you won’t be able to complete the process.
  • Looking for offers: On the same page, you will find a box where you can add a promo code or coupon if you have any. Therefore, it is best if you look for a discount or cashback coupons before completing the process. In some cases, you may also find coupons that you can use on the same page itself.
  • Confirmation and payment: After completing all these steps, you will have to confirm and pay. Before confirming, check all details you have entered and make sure that you have entered everything correctly. Then double-check the flight details, i.e., date, time, airport, etc. You can now hit confirm and complete the process by paying the due amount. After you have completed the payment, you must receive an SMS or an email regarding the confirmation of the booking.

Spend smartly

Many offers come with options to include meal plans during the flight travel. If you are travelling for a longer duration, it is wise to opt for these meal plans. By pre-booking, you will have to pay much less than what you might have paid on the flight. Similarly, it is best if you book your flight tickets well in advance; that way, the flight prices will be nominal.

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