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How to Calculate Your Charter Bus Rental Costs

When you want to take a gaggle of individuals somewhere, whether it is a wedding, anniversary, retirement or other family celebration; a corporation event, like a team-building exercise or a conference; a faculty or church outing; or a fun adventure to a replacement city — there is no better way to travel than bus rentals in Maryland. Of course, one among your first considerations is going to be the value of renting a bus.

The cost of bus rentals in Maryland and event transportation isn’t one-price-fits-all. Multiple factors including your destination, the time of year, and your group’s size affect the general cost. Since quotes are tailored to every group’s specific needs, your actual costs may vary from these averages.

If you’re traveling in and around the city where the bus is stationed, you’ll pay by the hour. On average, bus rentals in Maryland require a 5-hour minimum. Trips spanning multiple days and an extended distance are going to be billed by the day or by mileage. If your group needs transportation locally over the course of several days, like for a multi-day festival or conference, your charter bus service will presumably charge by the day.

The cost also will vary considering the type of bus, for instance.

The Charter Bus — A charter bus through offers the right travel environment for an outsized group, accommodating 49 to 57 passengers comfortably. Charter buses have climate control and may include a good range of options, including Wifi and iPod hookups, P.A. systems, CD and DVD players. You’ll typically pay $100 to $150 per hour for a charter bus, but prices may vary supported location and market.

Executive Bus – This kind of luxury coach offers room for 25 to 30 passengers. The hourly fees range from $175 to $250, supported location and market.

The Mini-Bus — There are bus rentals in Maryland with three different minibuses — a 24 passenger bus, a 28 passenger bus, and a 30-35 passenger coach. These vehicles are an honest fit mid-sized group travel, from small family reunions or celebrations to team travel and little business outings. Most have climate control and offer a variety of recent amenities, from Wifi and iPhone hookups and charging stations to P.A. systems. The 24 passenger mini-bus rents for $75 to $85 per hour; the 28 passenger costs $85 to $95 hourly; and therefore the 30-35 passenger runs $95 to $105 per hour.

The Executive Mini Coach — If you are looking to mix pleasure with business, this is often a coach for you. It is the perfect size for company outings, workshops and conferences, and business meetings and you’ll find meeting tables and audio-visual equipment. Most have climate control, also as on-board bathrooms. The executive mini-coaches accommodate 24 to 30 passengers and cost $115 per hour, though prices may vary based on location and market.

When preparing your quote, a bus rental in Maryland representative will first check out how far and the way long you’ll be traveling. Be prepared to offer them the pickup and drop off times and addresses.

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