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How to Document Your Travels

Traveling is a great way to make lifelong memories and enjoy life changing experiences. But no matter how outstanding or unique your travels are, details will inevitably fade with time. The best way to ensure that you remember all your travels is to document them. There are several ways you can do this. Here are some of the most fun and creative ways to document your travels:

Before Your Trip

Make sure your trip is a truly enjoyable and memorable one by carefully planning and organizing it in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises or unexpected mishaps. Book your flight and accommodations well in advance. Doing this early can even help you save money, as many airlines and hotels offer great deals for early bird travelers. Remember to also reserve a parking space near the airport in advance via a website like

Finding airport parking can be notoriously difficult, but ParkON makes it a cinch with its easy to navigate website. ParkON offers parking spaces in more than 200 parking lots located close to all the major airports in the United States. You can easily find ATL, ORD or LAX parking and reserve your slot in less than five minutes.


Keeping a travel journal is probably the most common and old-fashioned way to document your trips. There’s something about writing things down on paper that helps commit them to memory. Include as many details as you can, and be descriptive not just about sights but also sounds and tastes. You can also include drawings or doodles, and little mementos you save such as museum ticket stubs, a napkin from a restaurant where you enjoyed a particularly good meal, or stationery from your hotel room.


If you’re more of a visual person than a writer, then taking plenty of photos may be more to your liking. If you are a serious photographer, you can invest in a camera to take high quality photos; otherwise you can easily take photos using your smartphone. Most mobile gadgets these days have pretty decent cameras, and you can learn lots of tips online on how to take beautiful and captivating photos using your smartphone.

You can choose to print your photos and keep them in an album or scrapbook to look back on, or upload them onto Instagram or on your own travel website or blog. You can also create slideshows and videos using the photos you take, so you can have a digital copy that you can easily share with friends and family.


One way to document your travels while also decorating your home is to put up a framed map of the world and put push pins in all the places you’ve visited. You could also get a scratch map, which is a fun way to mark all the places you’ve traveled to, and one that children particularly enjoy. If you’re artistic, you might even be able to draw or paint your own map, so you can match it perfectly to your home decor.

However you choose to document your travels, make sure to find a way to preserve all the precious memories you make. Share stories and photos with friends and family, so the memories live on and can get handed down from one generation to the next.

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