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How to Make Gorgeous Candles in Singapore

Candle making is one of the most popular hobbies in Singapore. It’s a great way to make some beautiful homemade candles and have a fun evening with friends or family. Join any one of the Candle Making Workshop Singapore this weekend, and discover all the tips and tricks that will help you create your own candles!

They’ll show you how to choose the best wick, melt wax, mix fragrances, pour it into molds, get rid of air bubbles…and so much more! You might be surprised at how easy it is to make your own custom-scented candles here in Singapore.

How to make your own Soy candle:

  • To start off, gather up all the items necessary for candle making such as wicks, candle bases and wax. Decide on the type of candles you want to make (pillar or jar) as both styles require different materials.
  • Candle making can be done by melting either paraffin wax (the kind used for tea lights) or beeswax. Candle making using paraffin wax is a bit easier to get the hang of and it’s more forgiving if you make mistakes because it cools quicker.
  • -Candle making with beeswax can be much trickier but also rewards patience well, as it melts at a lower temperature than paraffin, takes longer to cool down (meaning that any imperfections will take time to set in), yet has an exquisite honey scent once the candle burns out.

So if you want your candle’s scent to be a reflection of the colours, if you wish for them to complement one another or do they contrast with each other, you should definitely not miss out on these workshops!

The best thing about them is that the candle making activities are available in Singapore at many workshop, where they provide hands on experience by giving 24 hour supervision from Candle Professionals so that participants can learn how to make candles successfully while having fun.

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