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How to plan a bar mitzvah party

Bar or bat mitzvahs are an important event in the lives of Jewish kids. Parents want to make their kids feel special on that day. They can plan and organize a fantastic party that day to commemorate the event. If you are one of those Jewish parents who are about to host a party for their kids’ mitzvah, then here are a few tips to help you.

Choose a venue

Choosing a venue sets the mood for your event. It depends whether you want the bar mitzvah to take place in the synagogue or at another place. There are many bar mitzvah venues around the city, and Baroqhouse is one of them. It offers a lavish and old-world decor to your event. That’s why it is one of the best places in the city to host your bar mitzvah party. Moreover, it offers catering, so you don’t have to worry about it either.

What to serve?

Bar mitzvah isn’t for kids only, and sometimes the event includes adults. So it’s essential to keep a note of that while deciding on food and beverages. You must choose food that suits both the palates, old and young. Or you can select two menus, one for kids and others for elders. A kid-centric menu can have finger food, like pizza and chicken fingers. An adult menu can have a classy collection like a cold fish buffet or a carving station.

Choose a theme of your kid’s choice

The bar or bat mitzvah is for your kid, and they must feel special that it is their event. So choose a theme according to the liking of the kid. It may be based on their favorite superheroes or comic books, or favorite cartoon character. According to the theme, you can decide on the invitations, the decor, the cake, and even the menu.

How to entertain the kids?

The biggest problem with a bar mitzvah is to keep the kids entertained. While the adults are at their cocktail party, how are the kids going to enjoy? You can hire a band or a disc jockey to keep the kids entertained. A band won’t work as much as magic as the DJ, so think of a DJ that can attract the attention of kids. You can also provide video games, with full screens or projections so that multiple kids can play it. Think of games and fun ideas that can keep kids engaged and keep them in control.

What to give away as party favors?

Party favors are only for the kids in the bar or bat mitzvah party. It is like a souvenir for the kids. Or you can also make it a case of charity if you want. Party favors may include specially designed t-shirts, caps, towels, or shorts. It may also be toys that kids can enjoy or tickets to a park.

Organizing a bar mitzvah party isn’t easy. But Baroqhouse can organize a fun party for your kid’s special event. It will make the event memorable for all the party guests.