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How To Remove Rust From Motorcycles?

Once you have bought the motorcycle that doesn’t mean that your responsibility ends there. Just like after you buy anything, you need to take care of it properly. Similarly, you need to take care of your bike, if you want it to be part of your life for a longer period of time. Your bike needs extra care as most of the time it is exposed to the harsh weather conditions like hot sun, rain, dust, and much more. Due to all of this change in weather conditions, rusting of chrome parts of your bike is very common. But you need not worry. Just like buying two wheeler insurance will protect your bike from damage caused due to accidents, riots, fire, and natural calamities, etc. Similarly, simple DIY steps will help you remove rust from your motorcycle and bring back its shine.

Here are some of the things that you can do to remove rust from your beloved bike:

  • To avoid rust from forming, you should take care of your bike by regularly cleaning and maintenance. This should be the first step to keep rust at bay. You should keep your bike covered, so it can be protected from the harsh climate and much more.
  • What if rust still grows on your beloved motorcycle? To overcome this problem, you should begin by washing the affected areas of your motorcycle with shampoo and water. This will help you get rid of the surface dirt. Once, you have removed surface dirt, you should wipe it with a soft rag because you need to dry the area to remove the rust.
  • The Next step is to scrape the rust off. You can use scratchy material such as steel wool to remove rust from the more difficult areas. You can switch to a less scratchy material like sandpaper if you have removed most of the rust. When you are removing rust with the help of abrasive material, make sure you don’t rub too forcefully as you don’t want to put a scratch on the chrome. You can also erode the body paint if you aren’t careful enough. If you are not able to reach the spot where rust is, then you should use a polishing cloth.
  • You must have heard about an old trick that helps to remove rust. You can dip the shiny side of an aluminum foil in the soda and then rub it on the rusty surface. It will clean the rust, and this trick is used by many pro-bikers.
  • Once you have removed the rust, you should apply chrome polish. After polishing, you should apply the coat of wax over the chrome areas. This will protect the chrome from forming rust in the future.

The tips mentioned above will surely work and help you remove rust. However, you should not try the above-mentioned methods, if:

  • Your bike is vintage, and you want it to look exactly the same.
  • Your bike has turned into a pile of rust. In this case, you need to replace a certain part.

In these cases, you should take the help of a professional. And to ensure the overall protection of your bike you should buy two wheeler insurance online.

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