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Impact Of Telehealth During The Time Of Pandemic, COVID -19

A lot of changes have been observed since the outbreak of the Corona Virus. We have become too conscious about our diet and hygiene. We have added several activities in our daily routine that boost our immune and protect our body against the virus.

Telehealth has played a significant role in spreading awareness about the virus and symptoms associated with it. Also, through the health blogs and recorded videos of medical experts, information has continued to spread about the virus and ways to protect oneself from being infected.

The evolvement of the medical sector has extended telehealth to the wider ranger. Now, more people are getting aware of the telehealth approaches and why using them is beneficial in the current context.

Uses of telehealth services during COVID 19:  

One of the many ways to fight against the virus is to maintain social distancing. Remember, when you or someone in your family get sick. You get a transport to reach to the hospital, get the appointment by standing in a queue, and finally after waiting for some time your turn arrives. All this while, you come in contact with so many people. Is it wise to follow the same procedure in today’s situation? Absolutely not.

Telehealth offers the service of online doctor consultation, online delivery of medicine, health blogs, online booking of medical tests, etc.

So, every medical service can be utilized by sitting in the comfort of your home and without being exposed in the public.

Old age people get most benefits from the advantages of telehealth services. Usually, their body requires constant check-ups, and they can take good care of their health by being at home.

Increase the availability of medical expert: 

The increasing number of Corona patients occupied all the working hours of medical professionals. They are not even getting proper sleep, as they have to attend patients day and night.

In this situation, doctors are struggling to get time to attend other patients. They are advised not to get close to anyone until they are supervising and treating a corona patient.

Telehealth has given the medical platforms through which more and more medical professionals from all the fields like Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda, can serve their patients in the best possible manner through online consultation mediums like chat, audio, or video.

So, doctors from all over the places in a country have registered themselves on reliable medical forums like and offering the services religiously.

Telehealth service is helping medical staff to monetize: 

Although most of the healthcare staff is occupied in the service of Corona patients, some professionals from other medical branches like homeopathy, Ayurveda were facing financial issues due to lockdown in most countries.

Telehealth has offered a way to monetize your service. Whether it is about providing health consultation, yoga practice video, paid health blogs, or online delivery of health essentials, etc. People get an opportunity to earn money.

Telehealth services are continuously gaining attention of the people of all age groups. Get more aware about the facilities offered through this exceptional service.

Use the telehealth apps and continue to follow the safety rules and help the nation to fight against the Corona virus.

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