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Now Get Your International High Risk Merchant Account Online!

An international merchant account can be your key to ultimate success in your business because it allows you to accept payments through credit cards, debit cards, and other payment cards right online. While getting a merchant account is both important and easy for merchants from most industries, things are quite different for those who belong to high risk segments of business. Getting a merchant account won’t be easy if you run a business that falls under high-risk industry. Some of the businesses that are considered high-risk due to the higher incidences of chargebacksdue to which they are deemed high risk merchants include:

  • Airlines
  • Modelling
  • Real estate
  • Cannabis dispensaries
  • Lending collection
  • Automotive brokers
  • International export/import
  • Travel agencies and others

Simply put, if a merchant account is considered high-risk, most financial institutions will be reluctant in dealing with you. Hence, you will need the help of an online merchant account provider such as PaymentUSA that specializes in creating international high risk merchant accounts and that can be relied upon for setting you up for future success.

Before proceeding further, let’s have a quick understanding of what exactly a high risk merchant account is? International high risk merchant accounts refer to a set of services that enable businesses/merchants to accept credit/debit/other card payments from customers. Most credit card processors categories merchants into high-risk and low risk or normal merchants. As discussed above, high-risk merchants are those that belong to industries that are prone to frauds and chargebacks.

If you also belong to a high risk business sector, it’s time to apply for an international merchant account that will help you ensure the receipt of safe and secure payments from your clients/customers across the globe. There are many benefits that come along as you sign up with a high-risk merchant account service provider like PaymentUSA and the biggest of these is monitoring chargebacks. Let me explain it further! Many times, the retailers have to pay a fee for each chargeback that covers the administrative costs of the service. But, a high-risk payment processor will have significantly higher fees for each instance. In addition, if the retailer belongs to a high-risk industry and is receiving excessive chargebacks that may directly cause the prices to go up. Now with a high risk online merchant account provider will be rarely terminated due to excessive chargebacks. While the merchant may pay greater fees, the actual company will still have greater chances of success.

You may ensure a sustainable and reliable source of long-term success and growth of your company, if you have the support from an international high risk merchant accounts processor.

The high-risk merchants and companies canimmensely benefit from an international merchant accountbecause a high-risk merchant account service will continuously monitor each transaction for even the scarcest of possibility of fraud. By employing secure techniques, your merchant account will protect your organization, card owner, and merchant provider against any potential theft or fraud.

Another advantage for high-risk merchants who are willing to expand their market reach. With an international high risk merchant account, you can easily sell your products/services to more places, more people, and in multiple currencies. Once you have your online merchant account created, you will soon realize that your earning opportunities have become infinite all of a sudden.

At PaymentUSA, we strive to help high-risk merchants go global, sell more, and earn more with online merchant accounts. Our goal is to keep the process simple, uncomplicated, and quick for you so you can start benefiting from your online merchant account at the earliest. To get your merchant account opened, please feel free to reach out to us – call us or drop an email right away!

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