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Office Interior Design In A Post COVID World

2020 has been an interesting year in the interior design industry. With the emergence of COVID and new work from home arrangements, one might think that office interior design would be put by the wayside. Yet, interestingly enough, office owners are not resting on their laurels. Instead, they are already planning to have their workers back in the office as soon as possible.

Office owners are not oblivious to the desire for workers to continue their remote working arrangements as well as the challenge of safely accommodating workers in the office. This is where the Singapore interior design firm industry is now challenged to help office owners tackle these issues. As a result, distinct interior design trends have emerged and are being rapidly enquired for.

Multi-Purpose Spaces

A couple of years ago, the multi-purpose Spaces trend began to emerge, introducing people to the strategy of multi-functional work spaces. These areas included indoor-outdoor accessibility through garage doors, mobile green divider panels, television and video tools, and step-style seats, among others. Basically, these spaces were made to start to fulfil the requirements and applications of our increasingly multidisciplinary organisation field.

Hot Desking

That resulted in the pre-COVID-19 pattern called ‘hot desking,’ which gets rid of the conventional personal working space, and rather makes employees pick where to be seated daily on a first-come-first-served basis. Hot desking breaks up outdated workplace designs by including various co-working areas such as think spaces.

The bright side: the capability for employees to settle wherever they want.

Hands Free Amenities

A huge office layout trend in 2020 will be the implementation of hands-free technology to restrict surface area contact, and hence the transfusion of a virus in the office.Hands-free technology includes touchless check-in solutions for site visitors, who simply scan a QR code at front desk booths or access entry points like doorways, gates, or elevators in a structure.

Implementing hands free technology will allow employees to feel safe within the work environment. Providing additional hand sanitizing liquid dispensing that is hands free is also another excellent feature to consider incorporating.

Environmental Health Design

Environmental health design isn’t necessarily new. Nevertheless, the layout trend continues to develop and blossom exponentially as it grows and expands in new and interesting means.

Sustainable design in its current form currently has a whole spectrum of accreditations in place to concentrate on the investment in our structure’s performance as well as staff member wellness.

These include LEED, WELL Building Criterion, FitWel, and the Living Building Challenge, which are all intended to produce a favorable influence on the residents and natural systems that engage with buildings.

What we’re observing now is the completely realised dream of wellness and environmental design.

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