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Put On Your Sunglasses And Try These Summer Desserts

No doubt, there are so many things to look forward to when the summer calls. Beach vacations. Pool time. Swimsuits and ice creams. Long days, short nights, sunshine, warm weather, and school holidays. Comfy clothes, watermelon, mango and lots of family time, while vacaying and staying home together to beat the scorching summer heat. As the temperatures are soaring, let’s go and try out the dessert way to keep us sane amidst the mercury rising. These are the little sweet pleasures in life which can be enjoyed across a May-June born birthday or while staying indoors with the family. The best part is – each of these desserts can be easily prepared at home with a few ingredients.

  • Jamun Mint Popsicles – How can you even welcome the summers without the desi tarty summer fruit called Jamun. These pretty purple-hued popsicles can be served to even the sudden guests who might just end up appearing in a summer afternoon.

  • Ice Cream Cake – Wanting to keep the heat at bay? Then, you have to give this recipe a try, this summer. Start by getting an ice cream brick of your choice. Place cake order online in Delhi, Gurgaon or any other place that you are residing, prior to starting with the dessert preparation. Bake the cake and layer it with the ice cream and you are good to go!

  • Watermelon Lychee Granita – Don’t get confused by its exotic name! This dessert is quite similar to our desi watermelon “Chuski”. So, prepare at home and get ready to sip and savour this cool dessert.

  • Summer Beach Party Cupcakes – If you don’t have a beach nearby, then bring your legit beach vibes in by preparing this dessert at home. Perfect for a pool party or even just to chill at home, all you need are some edible decoration items to top up the regular cupcakes with. And you are good to go!

  • No-Bake Key Lime Pie In A Jar – A tropical dessert when comes along with our favourite summer pie in a Mason has to be entitled as the best summer dessert. Period! If you like that subtle tangy flavour in your dessert, then this is the jar cake for you!

  • Mango and Coconut Pannacotta – Made of fresh cream, gelatin, sugar and the king of fruits- mango, this summer dessert item, in particular, takes yumminess into a whole new level. Garnish it with some freshly picked mint leaves and relish it!

  • Malai Kulfi – Get refreshed by making every India’s favourite Kulfi at home, this summer. One of the most preferred ways to beat the summer blues, a malai kulfi is not just a desert rather an emotion for every Indian.

  • Fresh Fruit Parfait – A whole lot of goodness in the form of fresh fruits, juices, yoghurt, nuts and some chilled coulis this is a dreamy creamy dessert, relished with love by all.

So, these were some of our handpicked dessert recipes for you to beat the summer sweetly yet effectively. Let us know which one would you like to give it a try!

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