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The Perfect Embroidery Set Up

If you’re a keen crafter, or just getting to grips with the beginning of an embroidery hobby, then it’s worth thinking about not just what you’re going to make, but where you’re going to make it. Setting up the right spot to work in can make all the difference between a fun, comfortable, relaxing time and an awkward, uncomfortable experience that makes it hard to persevere with.

Today we’re looking at some of the key concerns that go into setting up your perfect embroidery nook.


Embroidery craft kits can take up a lot of space – with hoops, fabric, thread and floss and needles all needing to be packed away, as well tools like measuring tape, chalk and scissors. You need to be able to store all of this away when you’re finished crafting for the day, but it’s also an advantage to be able to access what you need quickly, instead of having to search for it.

It’s worth investing in a set of shelves or drawers so you can arrange your crafting supplies neatly and always lay hands on the thread you’re looking for, or the sharp scissors you need without delay!


Lots of embroidery projects use very small, fine stitches that can be difficult to focus on and see clearly. If you don’t have sufficient light you could find your hobby strains your eyes and leaves you with a headache

Artists have long favoured the light from north facing windows: this provides a constant, clear, indirect light right through the day, without the direct glare of the sun. If you can, set up your crafting nook near a north facing window to take advantage of this natural light during daylight hours.

If you’re crafting after dark – and embroidery is a great way to spend these long, dark wintry evenings – then you’ll need the right artificial light. Try to choose one that you can position to fit how you’re working – so you don’t cast shadows over your canvas. It might even be worth investing in a magnifier with a built in light, so you can see your smallest stitches as clearly as your biggest!


If you’re working on an embroidery project you’re going to spend lots of time seated in the same position, either leaning over a table or curled around the embroidery hoop in your lap. It’s worth doing some research and spending some money to get a chair that will make that as healthy and comfortable as possible.

Look for a chair that provides the back support that will allow you to work as long as you want without straining your back – and compare the height of the chair with the surface you work on so you won’t be hunching your shoulders.

Looking for an adjustable chair will mean as your needs change, you can always fit your chair to the circumstances, and always craft in comfort!

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