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Tips and tricks: How to mix prints (without overdoing it)

Mixing prints is a fun way to create a unique outfit and give your look something extra. It can be quite tricky though, as it easily becomes too much. Still, with a little bit of practice, anyone can become a pro in mixing and matching (don’t forget clashing!) patterns and prints.

Although my outfits usually don’t stand out because of all the outspoken prints (quite on the contrary), this season I want to try out some new things and mixing prints is definitely one of them. It’s highly likely that I’ll do it in the most subtle way possible, but I absolutely do feel like trying it out.

So, I penned down some guidelines to keep in mind for successful mixing and matching, that I’d like to share with you. Here we go:

  1. Find out which prints you’d consider neutrals

Everybody probably has at least on print or pattern that they’d consider a neutral. To me it’s obviously stripes, but it could also be leopard or dots for example. It should be a print that goes with everything else to your liking.

  1. Mix the same print in different sizes or styles

If mixing two or more completely different prints is a bit too heavy for you, try mixing the same print in different sizes in one look. Opt for bold stripes paired with more subtle ones, for example. Or, go for inverse colours. Pair a white print on a black background with a black print on a white background. This works particularly well with geometrical patterns.

  1. Stick to a certain colour scheme

Whenever you do feel like throwing two or more completely different patterns in the mix, stick to a certain colour scheme. Complementary colours work well (especially when the print is the same), to add some extra contrast. If you want to play save: black and white is always right.

  1. Keep things in balance

With all the contrasts your look is probably going to have, you’ll need some sort of overlapping to make sure you maintain a balance. This can be done through the colours you’re wearing for example. If your look has more than two different shades, make sure two of them are the same or at least of the same family.

  1. Don’t forget textures

If you really aren’t much of a print lover, but you would like to add an extra dimension or a contrast to your look: try playing around with different textures. Pair something fuzzy with a smooth fabric for example, or some fab accessories like a Hermes bangle or some Serengeti sunglasses. Perforated fabrics are a great alternative to prints, too.

Lastly, and most importantly: have some fun! There really aren’t any fixed rules for this, just try out different things and figure out what works best for you.

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