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Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you run a warehouse or factory, the roof is an important component of your business premises, and it does require regular inspections in order to carry out prompt repairs. Most large companies have the roof maintenance married into the building maintenance schedule, which ensures there are no nasty surprises, and if you are new to commercial property ownership, here are a few roof maintenance tips to help you maintain the most important component of all, your roof.

  • Regular Roof Inspections – If you find a company that offers commercial roof repairs in Perth, they would be happy to set up a schedule, when they regularly inspect the roof. When they do carry out the inspection, they look at everything, and should there be a component that is worn or damaged, the contractor would recommend appropriate repairs.
  • Internal Inspection – If you have the capabilities to get within a few metres of the interior roof surface, you can inspect every aspect, looking for signs of corrosion or tell-tale damp patches, which would indicate a leak. If you take a look at the interior roofing surfaces every few months, this will ensure that there are no small leaks that could cause corrosion.
  • Timely Repairs – In the event you notice a small leak, or anything out of the ordinary, you should contact a commercial roofing specialist as soon as possible. Any roofing issue will get worse over time, so it makes sense to carry out prompt repairs, and if an issue remains undetected, this could lead to a serious repair bill.
  • Cleaning Out Guttering – Every structure must have guttering, which provides an essential escape route for rainwater, and guttering can easily become clogged with soggy leaves and small twigs. It should be cleaned out every few months, and if there are overhanging trees, a weekly check is advised. The downpipes also need to be flushed out and the roofer uses a high-pressure jet to do that, indeed, they will flush the entire guttering system to ensure a free flow.
  • Schedule Inspections – If you wish to take the preventative approach, you are advised to have a local roofing company inspect the roof on a regular basis, which will ensure that any minor issues can be quickly dealt with. It might be twice a year, and should you notice anything strange regarding your roof, call the experts immediately. The contractor would likely issue a written report on the condition of the roof, which would cover every aspect of the roof.
  • Consider Insulation – If your roof has less than average insulation properties, you are wasting money controlling the climate when it is not required, and there are several ways to insulate a commercial roof; with sprays and sheets that can be applied. You could protect your investment, while also reducing your carbon footprint and cutting your costs with a simple roof insulation project, which is something every business would want.

Your business premises are a major investment and the roof is an integral part of the building, and with regular roof inspections by a professional roofer, you can carry out effective repairs as and when necessary.

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