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Tips For Starting A YouTube Music Channel

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of new music and video YouTube channels. It is a fun hobby with the potential to become a popular online personality, with added advantages of meeting new people, getting free products to try from sponsored companies, and the most important benefit of earning huge revenue. There are several tips to follow to create successful music for YouTube channel and gain millions of followers.

Setting up the YouTube channel

Starting a new music YouTube channel is easy without complications. It is better to sign-up for a Gmail account if one doesn’t own one. Having an email ID helps to link the new channel. The following points briefly point out the way one can set up a music YouTube channel.

  • Signing in YouTube
  • Clicking an image in the top right corner of the desktop
  • Selecting the option “create a channel”
  • Putting a unique name for the channel
  • Adding details to the “about” section
  • Customizing the appearance of the channel with profile pictures, cover photos, etc.
  • Uploading the first music video on the channel
  • Finally, one must keep adding to the music playlists, provide more details on the profile section, customize the account settings, and also link the YouTube channel with other popular social media accounts

SEO optimization

The secret behind getting more visibility in music videos is to optimize the content that can help the video featuring music for YouTube channels rank high on YouTube. It is recommended to give a good descriptive title that viewers usually write on the search bar. Playing right with keywords is one of the most vital aspects while optimizing SEO in YouTube channels’ content. Furthermore, using relevant tags also help the music videos to be categorized under multiple related genres. The use of a good description including target keywords, synonyms, and others helps viewers know precisely about the videos and also rank top in the search engine result pages.

Using social media to build the network

Though categorically YouTube is not a social networking site, it is all about connecting, collaborating, and sharing with other users. The success of running music video channels on the platform depends a lot on the effort of building the network. This is a key in the YouTube platform because collaborating with others helps gain new subscribers and flourish the channel.

 It is always recommended to interact with other music creators on YouTube channels, make friends and collaborate for bigger and better opportunities. Furthermore, contacting popular and reputed YouTubers and collaborating is intimidating, but worth the try.


The popular and most-viewed channels use strategies to ensure the right audience and followers are targeted. Making a video or music for a YouTube channel can be successful when one pays importance to the audience’s analytics, SEO, networking, connection with the audience, and the whole process as a whole. The fundamental is to know the ways to upload the music videos on the channel, and then market the YouTube with the right resources, and subsequently have thousands of followers from all over the world.

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