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Top 5 Ideas to Choose Laundry Sink and Cabinets

Most laundry rooms have a similar set up in terms of a countertop with a washing machine and/or dryer underneath, a principal sink and some cabinets for the storage of detergents, soaps and other cleaning products. The key to really set off your laundry room from a style perspective is to look at types of laundry sinks and cabinet combination. There are many ideas for how you can present these two key features in the room, so let’s take a look at some options which you have.


A common option for laundry sinks is to have them integrated with the cabinet. In doing this you can have a space-saving option which looks great and which is certainly stylish. The sink/cabinet combo usually features a space below the sink with doors in an easily installed console. The only drawback here is that the plumbing of the sink often restricts space below.

High Cabinets

Many like to keep the lower level of the room clear, in order to store things like buckets and dustpans. In this situation, you will see high cabinets and a freestanding trough. Higher cabinets can open up more storage space in the room but they do close the feeling of space in the room, so it will very much depend on the layout of your laundry room.


If you have the space to play with then a bookend design is an option which you can consider. his generally works well when you have a deep laundry trough, which doesn’t offer much space below, adding a cabinet to either side gives a really cool look. In doing this you will get both storage space on either side, as well as plenty of space to play with on top of the cabinets, to the side of the trough.

Space Above

If you do not have a large laundry room then it may be a much better option to look at keeping everything below the level of the sink. This will give the feeling of a more amplified space as well as opening up options for hanging items on the wall, or perhaps even suspending a clothesline from the ceiling. Simply because you don’t have a grand space, this doesn’t mean that you cannot make it feel that way.

The Farmhouse Look

A farmhouse style laundry room is one which is both inviting and functional and whilst it may be pricey, there are so many benefits to this type of space. Generally, this features a deep ceramic trough in the room, coupled with wooden cabinets, usually with a nice coating of white paint, along with small fixings for storage of powders and other cleaning products. The farmhouse laundry room is super stylish and one which so many look to try and implement. Within this type of laundry room, the cabinets are generally set back, allowing more space, and the materials are strong and sturdy, with durability being key.

The choice which you make is going to be dominated by how much you are looking to spend but more importantly what the layout of your laundry room currently is.

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