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Trendy and Stylish Children’s Bed Designs

Kids are always active, and for them, the whole world is their playground, and that includes even their bedrooms. Every kid is active in some way or the other in a physical activity like playing basketball inside their room or reading storybooks and comics.

You will have to create a bedroom in such a way that matches the character of your kids, and that also includes the bed designs. Children’s beds should be such that makes the bedroom look lively and encourages your kids in their hobbies. It must also be cosy enough where kids can get a good night sleep and enjoy their sweet dreams.

When kids mature, being cool often becomes the focus of their personal style development and that must reflect in the design of their beds. There are many creative ideas of kids bed designs, but you must be able to choose the right one for your child. It needs to be functional and interesting at the same time.

You can take a pick at the below-listed children beds design and choose accordingly.

Boys tent bed with slide

Kids always tend to be very playful and jump around their beds before going to sleep. For such active kids, the tent bed with slide is very suitable in which they can play under the tent and also slide. Once they are tired, they can just climb up and rest on the bed.

Kids metal trunk bed

How will you accommodate your kid’s friends who have come for a night stay or your neighbour’s kids who will stay for a night with your kid in the bedroom? The answer is through metal trunk beds for kids which can roll out an extra mattress when the need arises.

House shaped children’s bed

You can make your kids sleeping experience a little enjoyable by getting a house-shaped bed. It is manufactured using pin wood with steel reinforcements, and it is coated in non-toxic paints. The bed has enough space to accommodate two kids.

Princess castle bed with slide

If you are a parent of a small princess, then make the dream of your princess come true by getting a princess castle children bed. This bed features a Rapunzel-esque tower, slide, play tent and sleeping area, its steel and polyester fabric creates an in-house fairy-tale.

Neno metal bunk bed

If your kids are grown up and does not need a fancy bed, then it will be great to go for Neno metal bunk children bed. It is simple in design and manufactured using metal and can be easily shifted. Apart from houses, these bunk beds are also in use in boarding schools and hostels.

Rustic trundle bed

If you are residing close to the coast, there is a high chance that children beds made up of metal may get rusted. In that case, you can buy a rustic trundle bed which features wooden planks at alternating levels, a roller bed beneath sleeps an extra head.

Loft bed for kids with storage

Parents would know that kids would have a lot of personal items like toys, clothes and other accessories which require a place to store. But not to worry when you have bought Loft beds which has storage facilities where you can store toys, nappies, clothes and accessories.

Industrial style piped bed

Some kids are not interested in fancy children beds but in a simple bed where they can sleep peacefully, like the Industrial style piped bed. But before buying it, make sure that the bed is matching with the surroundings of your kid’s bedroom.

Classic girl’s bed

Maple, birch and aspen combine to form this classic white girls’ bed. A rounded headboard and scalloped edge add craft to functionality. Small girls would love to sleep in such beds.

Industrial style loft bed with storage

If you are a parent of a boy who is hyperactive and uses his bed roughly, then it is suggested to buy an Industrial style loft bed. It is made up of steel frame, which makes it sturdy and the metal cavity will hold all his toys.

Ambra single bed

If your kids want a simple bed but that looks good and adds to the beauty of the bedroom, then you must buy an Ambra single bed. It is manufactured using engineered wood which reduces the chances of infestation. It can also be easily transported by disassembling and then reassembling it.

After going through the above list of children beds designs, you can decide better and buy the best one for your kids.

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