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Unleash the Flavors of Your Pizza with Gozney Roccbox Grey Pizza Ovens from BBQs 2u

Taste the perfection of homemade pizza with Gozney pizza ovens from BBQs 2u. Elevate your culinary experience with the exceptional range of wood-fired ovens, delivering unparalleled flavour, performance, and versatility.

Whether you are a passionate home cook or a professional chef, Gozney Roccbox Grey Pizza Ovens bring the art of wood-fired cooking to your fingertips, ensuring every pizza is a masterpiece.

The Gozney Roccbox, a compact and portable pizza oven, is effortlessly set up and used. Without a pizza door, it takes up to 30 minutes to heat up, and uneven temperatures may occur during cooking.

Rotating the pizza inside compensates for this, ensuring a perfect stone-baked pizza experience.

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The Gozney Roccbox, once less popular, is now a sought-after outdoor pizza oven, reflecting the increased focus on home luxuries post-pandemic. As part of Gozney’s diverse outdoor oven collection, the Roccbox offers affordability without compromising on performance or quality.

Its well-designed, user-friendly setup distinguishes it, with a gas burner providing simplicity over wood alternatives. For insights into its suitability, continue reading to discover why the Gozney Roccbox stands out in the evolving trend of outdoor pizza ovens in 2022.

The Roccbox design deserves an award

The Roccbox exudes exceptional quality, evident in its meticulously crafted components and thoughtful design. From unboxing to setup, the attention to detail by the designers and engineers is evident.

Available in grey or olive-coloured silicone sleeves, the Roccbox stands out, offering a unique touch compared to steel or black ovens.

Beyond colour, the material choice of silicone further enhances its appeal, highlighting the commitment to both aesthetics and functionality in this high-quality pizza oven.

The Roccbox features a built-in thermometer visibly placed on the oven’s side, with the thermocouple strategically positioned beneath the stone inside.

This design decision minimizes the potential for false temperature readings caused by the direct flame. Unlike many pizza ovens where built-in thermometers often register ambient temperatures higher than the stone, the Roccbox offers accuracy in the opposite direction.

Stone temperatures were measured as hotter than the thermometer readings, providing a reliable indication of the cooking environment.

The Roccbox’s retractable and fold-out legs, designed for convenient storage and transport, impress with their considerable height. The elevated oven position, compared to Ooni ovens, enhances visibility and ease of pizza turning.

The ingenious detachable burner system allows seamless fuel type swaps in just 10 seconds. Without the need for thumbscrews, a simple twist releases the burner for quick replacement, providing a hassle-free and efficient solution for users looking to switch between fuel options with ease.

The Roccbox features a substantial .75-inch cordierite stone cooking surface, surpassing the thickness offered by Ooni. This ensures effective heat retention, facilitating even cooking of both the top and bottom of your pizza.

The inclusion of dense insulation layers between the inner shell and outer casting allows for open-door cooking with minimal heat loss, enhancing the efficiency of the pizza oven.

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