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What Does a Mammography Technologist Do?

A mammography technologist is a radiographic professional who operates a sophisticated x-ray imaging apparatus utilized to define breast health. Therefore being a radiographer, means you expected to help patients, mostly women, in organizing themselves for the diagnostic imaging procedure. It comprises making them comfortable and confirming that they take out jewellery or anything they might have worn that can interfere with getting a clear image.

The mammography technologist focuses on screening both men and women breast cancer and other medical disorders. They utilize x-rays systems to have breast images, meaning they should be able to use this category of imagining equipment effectively. Mammography initial training courses also are responsible for taking care of special equipments and making sure they work correctly. Mammography technologist observes patients medical history and delivers answers to the placed questions. They also help physicians through reviewing the results and have a record of the process in the patient’s file.

However, after the patients get ready, you are required to assist in locating the breast for ideal image coverage. Then you can align the machine and define the correct amount of radiation needed to have a detailed image. Mammography includes a low dosage of radiation; thus, you require protecting yourself from any extra exposure by standing behind a shielding wall when taking a photograph. However, other related responsibilities embrace adjusting and cleaning the equipment, processing the photo, conducting the patient records and sharing information to the appearing physician.

However, to work as a mammography radiographer, someone usually requires to become certified as a radiographic technologist through (AART). Besides, many countries need licensure, and a lot of health boards utilize AART’s certification assessment to define licensure qualification. After becoming a skilled radiographic technologist, someone now can pursue the specified post-primary category endorsement in mammography, which comprises experiential workings. In Mammography initial training courses, the AART needs applicant for the radiography technician qualification test to hold at least a subordinate degree, however, not necessary in radiography or a correlated health field.

Besides, an accredited radiography platform covers 21 to 24 months to finish and comprise both classroom clinical experiences and instructions. The coursework takes physiology, imaging, anatomy, pathology, radiation physics, radiobiology and medical ethics. The clinical guideline incorporates patient positioning, radiation protection and patient care process. However, as a qualified mammography technologist, someone is able to get work in a hospital. Though chances predicted to increase at doctors’ offices and the centres that deal with diagnostic imaging, in essence, the job might be accessible on a contract basis, requiring someone to travel frequently.

However, someone can enhance job chances if he studies other related radiographic technologies such as magnetic resonance or computed tomography imaging. Also, persons interested in the same field as those of mammography got few alternative career options, embracing becoming a sonographer, therapist or nuclear medicine technologist. However, all the possibilities require a subordinate degree just similar to that of mammography technologist. Radiation therapist offers treatment to cancer patients or other diseases. Like mammography technologists, sonographer provide different photos of the body, but rather than using x-ray, they commonly utilize ultrasound to observe the organs and tissues.

On the other hand, nuclear medicine technicians are specialized, who utilize several machines to take photos of a patient’s body. To get any abnormalities, they contrast these images to the ones taking after the patient provided with radioactive drugs. Besides, The employment view for radiography technologist, comprising mammography, is projected to be enhanced compared to the average for all U.s professions.

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