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What is Bed Linen

One sure way to make your bedroom always look stylish, attractive, and comfortable is to find great bed linens. Bed linens offer a lot of benefits such as coolness in summer, comfort in winter, easy care, and long wear. There is now a wide variety of options for bed linens that come in different designs, colors, and styles.

In the past, homeowners preferred the white bed linens because they felt great. They were ironed for a smoother and softer look and feel. And they also needed harsh bleaches to make them look whiter.

But today, you can enjoy all these qualities without doing most of the work. Bed linens nowadays can be washed easily. When you toss them in the washer and dryer, they come out wrinkle-free so there is no need for ironing. Additionally, these now come in vibrant colors so there is no need to be confined to white bed linens. You can now mix and match your linens with your bedroom wall paint, curtains, and furniture.

Types of Bed linen

  • Fitted sheet : Piece of fabric that wraps the mattress. When the bottom sheet is fitted with elastic all around or at all 4 corners, it is called a fitted sheet. This fitted sheet is intended to be attached to the mattress to protect it
  • Top sheet or flat sheet : Rectangular piece of fabric placed above the fitted sheet (or the sheet below) on a bed. This sheet is larger than the fitted sheet because it must be folded down over the cover to protect it. It is used to cover a mattress or to isolate the sleeper from his blanket or duvet (itself protected by a duvet cover).
  • Duvet cover: Envelope of fabric in which the duvet is slipped to protect it. The piece of fabric located at the foot of the duvet cover which borders under the mattress is called a fireplace.
  • Pillowcase: cover to protect the pillow which is one of the elements of the bed linen. It is generally available in different fabric materials, various patterns and colors to match the sheets and duvet cover.

There is a large amount of choice available to people interested in buying bed linens. With the variety, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming for the average consumer. When shopping for linens for beds, it’s important to discover what will work best for you.

There are three main things that you should take proper care to consider while buying: cost, time of year, and maintenance. While cost is pretty obvious (you can’t buy what you can’t afford), time of year and the care required for linens can be tricky. For example, if you’re buying bed linens, you’ll want to choose the ones that will keep you comfortable. If the climate is warm where you live, you want material that is much more breathable and light. The best type of material for warm climates is single embroidered cotton sheet set. single embroidered cotton sheet set will help you stay cool and comfortable during those hot nights.

For healthier and more comfortable sheets, you’ll want to choose 400 tc cotton sheet set. Some people will go for the polyester blend because of its lower costs, however, they can be doing themselves a disservice over the long run. Often children and adults suffer minor allergic reactions to the blend which can make them feel itchy. Polyester blends also tend to make people perspire which can be uncomfortable. If you can’t afford pure cotton sheet set, you may have to stick with the polyester blend. However, whatever you do, don’t buy 100% polyester or synthetic sheets. They may be cheap, but you pay for it by having comfortable nights and trouble getting to sleep.

Finally, it’s important to note the maintenance required for the sheets you buy. Some types of sheets are much easier to clean and maintain than others. Satin sheets, for example, are not easy to wash or dry. Cotton of course, is fairly easy to maintain and a cinch to wash.

Buying bed linens isn’t too difficult of a task once you know what you need to buy. Just keep in mind how much you can spend, what the best fabric for the climate is, and how much care is required once you bought them.

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