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What is the Best Way to Remove Body Hair?

What’s the best way of body hair removal? For Kim Kardashian, it’s laser hair removal. But when you imagine the rubber band snapping against your skin and the high cost of the procedure, you may think twice before choosing it.

Considering the current situation, hair removal at home is perhaps the safest. Some of the methods are pain-free, affordable, and highly effective.

When it comes to picking the best way, you may be spoiled for choice unless you know well about the top methods. So, check out below some great ways to get rid of body hair at home.

Easy Ways to Remove Your Body Hair

Ready-to-use wax strips

Try waxing at home using ready-to-use strips to instantly remove hair from legs, underarms, arms, and the bikini line. Apply a strip on an area along the direction of hair growth. Wait for a little and then pull it in the opposite direction of hair growth. And you’re done!

Reap the following benefits of using waxing strips at home:

  • Unlike hot wax, cold wax strips don’t burn your skin.
  • The strips pull out even 1.5mm short hair.
  • Unlike razors that remove hair superficially, wax strips uproot them. Results are no ingrown hair, prickly stubble, or nicks and cuts.
  • Hair regrows very late. So, you receive up to 4 weeks of long-lasting, silky-smooth skin.
  • As you keep using wax strips, hair grows back fewer, softer, and finer.
  • The strips remove dead skin cells also and provide exfoliation!
  • You can cut the strips according to your body curves and reuse them 3-4 times.
  • The best wax strips meet all the requirements of different skin types. They often contain moisturizing Shea Butter for normal skin, nourishing almond oil and Vitamin E for sensitive skin, and hydrating Aloe Vera for dry skin. They may also come with the fragrance of berries and lotus flowers to mask body odour!

Hair removal cream

Apply the cream against the hair growth direction on an area. Wait a bit and glide the spatula along the hair growth direction.

The benefits are:

  • Removing hair close to the roots, including short stubborn hair from the full body in 3-6 minutes only!
  • No nicks and cuts or a prickly stubble as with razors. Besides, hair regrows slower than after using razors.
  • The best hair removal creams pamper dry skin with Shea Butter, sensitive skin with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, and lotus milk for normal skin. They also mask body odour with lily or jasmine fragrance technology.

Sensitive touch electric trimmer

It’s one of the best products for hair removal at sensitive parts like the bikini area, face, and underarms. Touching the skin lightly, move the trimmer against the hair growth direction. And that’s it!

The benefits are:

  • You can use one device with two different heads for trimming, shaping, and contouring your eyebrows, facial hair, and bikini line.
  • Since the blades don’t touch your skin, there are no risks of nicks and cuts!

As you see, all the above hair removal methods offer multiple benefits. Choose the one that suits you the most!

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