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What Is the Ideal Superworm Diet for Your Pet Reptile?

Just like mealworms, Superworms eventually transform into darkling beetles. These worms are a great source of protein and hydration. However, you may find their fat and phosphorus content a concern.

If you have pets like bearded dragons or other reptiles, they can eat the Superworm beetle. These worms are safe for healthy adult dragons, and as a bonus, Superworms incline to be one of the favorite treats of these reptiles.

What is the Life Cycle of Superworms?

Superworms undergo four stages of life: egg, larva, pupae, and beetle. The beetles are the only worms that reproduce. Superworms grow gradually, and it can take five months or longer (relying on the temperature you keep them at) to become huge enough to start the morphing process.

Pupation is an essential procedure and the only way to get beetles for breeding. It is better to keep all stages of Superworms at a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Favorite Snack for Your Pet Reptile 

Your bearded dragons will like Superworms. You can use these worms to persuade your picky eaters to eat their greens. Many reptile owners also use Superworms as a reward or treat for their pet. Since these worms have fat content, you can also use them to help your malnourished bearded dragons put on healthy weight.

What is the Ideal Number of Superworms You Should Feed Your Pet Reptile?

Since there is the fat content in the Superworm beetle, along with their phosphorus, exoskeleton, and aggressive nature, they are not apt as the main insect for bearded dragons. Here are some points to determine how many worms to offer your pet reptile or bearded dragon when it is time for special meals.

  • For your adult reptile, two or three Superworms once or twice in a week will be sufficient.
  • For juveniles. Your juvenile dragon who can manage the aggressiveness of the worms can consume more Superworms in a single feeding than an adult. However, at times, it is good to consult with your vet first, mainly if your reptile has had any digestive problems in the past.

Important Ways to Feed

Before feeding Superworms to your pet reptiles, ensure to dust them with calcium powder first. It is a suitable habit to practice any time you provide your reptile with any live insects. To offer Superworms to your dragon, you can use tweezers and feed them one after another.

You can even place the worms into a feeding bowl or in an enclosure so your bearded dragon or other pet reptiles can hunt them down. However, ensure that you do not allow worms roam free in a terrarium with the substratum. Superworms can easily and swiftly bury themselves in the substrate, and it will be challenging for you to find them again.

Store the Superworm Properly for Your Pet’s Feed 

Fortunately, Superworms are relatively easy for you to store. As these worms are more of a treat than a staple, you most probably will not need to panic about long-term arrangements. It would help if you kept them in a giant plastic container with smooth sides. Also, the worms will not turn into beetles if you store them together with sufficient hydration.

To sum up, a Superworm beetle is a trendy food for reptiles. With limited chitin (exoskeleton) than the general mealworm, they are convenient for your pet to digest. With time and patience, you can quickly develop a specific Superworm diet for your reptile.

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