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Do I need a divorce attorney? Most people intending to go through a divorce often find themselves grappling with this question. A divorce attorney will at first look like an additional cost that one can avoid.

But the alternative to this is self-representation. Self-representation is the act by which an individual represents himself or herself in court on matters affecting them. A person may opt not to retain legal counsel in a case before a court of law. But more often than not, this is an ill-advised decision. Unless one is qualified in matters law, seeking legal counsel will always turn out better than the alternative. Lawyers will always be more worth than their cost.

Even in cases where you are going through the process of filing for an uncontested divorce, it is best to engage a competent Fort Worth divorce attorney, say if you are in Texas. A divorce attorney will be invaluable to you in helping file the numerous forms involved in a divorce process from the petition for divorce to the final decree of divorce.

Reasons to hire a divorce attorney

  • Familiarity with the law.

If you choose to represent yourself, the court will not offer you any exceptional circumstances. The act of self-representation does not change the way of court proceedings. The court will hold you to the high standards that expected from a qualified divorce attorney.

As such, unless one is a qualified lawyer who has passed the bar exam, they would be at a significant disadvantage, especially if the other party has a competent legal representation.

Attorneys who practice outside family law also hire divorce attorneys while undergoing a divorce process. They realize that family law is outside their scope of specialization. It underlines the importance of having qualified representation from a certified divorce attorney in court.

  • Objectivity

Matters divorce are often emotive, and when one is going through a divorce, their mind may not be focused. As such, one may not be able to accurately represent himself or herself in court more so when dealing with contested divorce proceedings.

A hired divorce attorney will, on the other hand, be objective and provide sound legal counsel during the proceedings as they are not affected emotionally by the ongoing separation.

  • Paperwork

Paperwork is perhaps the primary reason to hire a divorce attorney. Court proceedings usually involve a lot of paperwork that is technical. A person undergoing a divorce will not have the time to run around, filing all the required documentation and following them through.

The person filing for divorce will also not have the attention required when filing the different forms essential to the proceedings. Errors in filing divorce forms usually end up in cases dismissed by judges. It is, therefore, prudent to take caution and hire an expert.

In conclusion, while in self-representation one may only be focused on winning the case, a qualified family lawyer will often help you see the “bigger picture”. A reasonable divorce attorney will always point out areas where you are unreasonable. When emotions run high, the lawyer can be objective and offer the best advice that will lead to a favourable ruling on your side.

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