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Your First USB C Hub Buying Guide

You are probably looking for the best USBC hub for the first time and if yes, then you are likely to be confused. If you are wondering why anyone would be confused when buying their USB c hub, then it is because of the sheer number of options that are available to anyone that is looking for an adapter like this for their Windows laptop or for their MacBook Pro.

As more and more people start looking for USB C dongle, many brands are emerging in the market trying to capture this fast growing market. Desktop computers are becoming history because the modern day laptops are feature packed and to fill the gap and what is missing we have all the required accessories. USB C dongle is one such accessory that will fire up your laptop with extra power.

To make the shopping process easy for yourself, before even you start seriously looking around for the right USB c hub, try to take a casual look at the options. Just visit multiple online stores selling these devices and what they have to offer. You would be surprised to see the range that is available both in terms of the features and also in terms of the price.

The initial round of review would give you a fair idea of what is available in the market. The next step is to review your own requirements. What exactly do you hope to achieve with the USB c dongle, which you are currently not able to do. This would be a very good starting point and you should have a very clear understanding of your current as well as your future requirements. It is important to foresee how your requirements are likely to change or evolve with time and be prepared for such a change. This will save you from the need to upgrade your USB c hub within few months after purchase.

Make sure that you have the required number of ports under each category viz., HDMI ports, USB ports, Ethernet port, video output ports and so on. How many displays or monitors do you intend to connect and is your dongle or docking station have as many provisions as required for multiple video outputs. Most importantly, find a USB c dongle that supports 4K. Full HD has become a basic feature these days. You should look for 4K support, which is the new video norm.

Once you identified the top USB c dongles or adapters with all the features you need, now it is time to compare the cost. Do not compare the cost before you have shortlisted your docking stations or hubs based on your requirements. Factor in the quality aspect as well when comparing the price. By paying attention to all these factors, you will be able to find the best quality USBC hug that best fits your requirements at the right prices. The whole process will take some time and that is why it is not advisable to wait until the last minute to order your dongle.

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