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Proper Waste Disposal Begins at Home: Effective Ways of Managing Waste

The environment suffered so much at the hands of humans in the past century. We threw garbage where it didn’t belong; we cut trees for our own use, we burned trash that destroyed the earth’s atmosphere and polluted the seas, among others. We are now suffering the effects of these abuses of nature. Fortunately, we are learning that we can reverse the effects by being responsible people who take steps in disposing of waste properly. Here are some of the things that we can do that can contribute to the rehabilitation of the environment.


Not all types of trash go together. Segregate biodegradable from non-biodegradable trash. The former rots after a few weeks or months, while the latter does not rot at all. They belong in different parts of the landfill.


Recyclables also belong in another group of segregated waste. These are cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, and other products. Recycling is one way of making trash reusable once again. Let’s say you just moved to a new house and you used an unbelievable amount of cardboard boxes and got rid of other household items. You don’t know how to dispose of them. The best move is to call a Miami Beach junk removal company like Evergreen Junk Removal to take care of your trash for you.

Reduce the use of single-use plastic

Single-use plastics are one of the worst pollutants in the sea and on land. You can buy household items in bulk, so there is less plastic. Buying fresh produce instead of packaged ones will also lessen your plastic use. We may not totally eliminate plastic use, but we can reduce our use of it


You don’t have to include food scraps and waste in your garbage. If you have a yard, you can make a compost pit where you can bury food scraps and make them into fertilizer. You can plant your own vegetables in your yard so you can also save money on groceries.

Use reusable bags

Keep a reusable bag inside your purse so that every time you buy something, you don’t have to put your stuff in plastic bags. You can just wash them when they get dirty. You can use these reusable bags multiple times without guilt.


Do you have clothes and other household items that you don’t need anymore? Why not donate them to those in need or charity? Instead of chucking them in the trash bin, some people can still find a use for them.

Dispose of hazardous waste correctly

If you have batteries, bleach, and other dangerous waste, you have to dispose of them properly. Do not mix them with other garbage. Use liners to prevent liquids from leaking.

Start them young

Discipline is what we need to ensure that we dispose of our waste properly. As early as your kids can understand and follow the rules, you can start teaching them where to put their own trash and to reduce waste as much as possible. You should also set an example to your kids, because more than your teaching, they will learn through example.


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