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The Most Delicious Drinks to Quench Your Thirst in Chennai

What to do when just chilled water is not enough? The iconic city of Chennai seems to have the perfect answer to the question. The fact that Chennai experiences almost non-existent winters and sweltering heat during summers, one constantly runs the risk of dehydration in this sunny paradise. Such heat also calls for some creative and imaginative ways of quenching one’s thirst.

Hence, the population here has come up with some really refreshing solutions to beat the excruciating weather. In case you weren’t aware, Chennai is home to some of the most delicious beverages across the country. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Kolkata or Delhi, you can board a flight to Chennai, just to sample the ultra-cool and delicious beverages of the place.

Here’s a list of some of the best beverages served in this part of the country.

Rose Milk

A local favourite that will help you keep your head cool, rose milk is a very popular drink in Chennai. This milk-based drink enjoys a near-cult following in the region. You can locate this mild-pink coloured drink being sold at every corner in this part of the country—there are especially dedicated shops that serve only this beverage. You’ll find this Chennian treat in other parts, such as Delhi and Kolkata, as well. So, when you next take a flight from Chennai to Delhi or say, Kolkata, you must keep an eye out for the delicious Rose Milk.


Having its origins in the historic Madurai, Jigarthanda is a star in Chennai too. With basic ingredients like sarsaparilla, almond, sugar, milk and ice cream, it is a cool way of getting your energy back and also treating your taste buds. This flavoured, delicious drink is a must try.

Neer Moru

The relentless sun can make you feel drained or sapped. Neer Moru, a butter-milk based beverage–will help you regain your vigour. A departure from the sweetened, high-calorie drinks, it offers a much healthier option. Just like Rose Milk, this salty and spicy drink can be found all over the city.

Badam Milk

Badam Milk enjoys a huge fan following across the whole country. This revered combination brings out a result so impressive: the heavenly flavour of this chilled drink is one of coolest ways to beat the heat. Chandni Chowk in Delhi is another place where you’ll find a really good Badam Milk. So, when you next board a Chennai to Delhi flight, don’t forget to sample the beverage and compare it with the one back home.

Paneer Soda

Perhaps, one of the more eccentric options from the list, Paneer Soda is a delicious beverage that would keep you refreshed in the Chennai heat. And in case you are confused what’s with Paneer, then don’t worry as the drink doesn’t really have any Paneer in it. This punchy, soda-based drink is one of the best ways of tackling the heat.

In case you haven’t yet had the opportunity to check these wonderful drinks out. You must soon book a flight to Chennai and take a sip of these refreshingly delicious beverages.

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