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Tiktok – The Most Downloaded App in the US

Tiktok or Douyin is a social network platform where you can share your video. This company was formed in the year 2012 by a Beijing based company called Zhang Yiming. The app was developed in the year 2017, compatible with android and iOS, so people who reside outside China can use this social platform. Tiktok or Douyin are alike, and the app is also similar, but the server they use is different to fulfill Chinese censorship limitations. After the launching of the app, Tiktok is becoming immensely popular, as many shares amusing, lively, and engaging videos that are getting viral.

Be a part of this social platform

  • Everyone wants to be a part of this social platform to share and view these interesting videos. But for registration or sign up to creates a new account, you need to provide your personal phone number along with other information. By proving your phone number, you are prone to a breach of privacy, security, and giving vital information to the third party. There is a simple way in which you can enjoy those hilarious videos without exposing your phone number. You need the follow the steps as mentioned below:
  • Down load the app of Tiktok from the net, which also happens to be the most downloaded app in the US, in October 2018, and the first Chinese app to achieve the feat. You can download the app in 75 different languages and available in 150 markets. Tiktok, along with Douyin, were downloaded one billion times worldwide, apart from android installation inside China. It is the seventh most downloaded app of the decade; from 2010 to 2019.
  • After you downloaded the app, you can watch the trending, viral videos; just by clicking on any current feed, the registration form will be exhibited. There are numerous options to choose from. You can use your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account to sign in. But it is prudent not to use your social media accounts, which could result in privacy, security breach. The best way is to opt for a sign with an email or phone number. You need to furnish your date of birth as a part of the personal information required for registration.
  • Either you have to provide your email or phone number to receive an SMS verification code to activate your Tiktok account. By providing your phone number, you implicitly agree to their term of use and privacy policy. There is an alternative that will secure your privacy and security without proving your personal phone number.

Summing up

You can visit any site which provides a disposable phone number; the number will be generated within a few minutes. From the website, you choose your residence country and the service such as Tiktok. As you click the request button, a real SIM generated number will appear. Provide this disposable phone number to receive SMS verification from Tiktok, which also activates your account. Tiktok without phone number, which is not personal but of disposable nature, guarantees your privacy and security in the digital world. You can use this number for online dating, shopping, and multiple accounts.

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