Gandalf tells it the way it is. demotivational, gandalf, study, pass, school
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If you dont study, you shall not pass.
demotivational, gandalf, study, pass, school
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I'll study later,
I'll study later
High School Demotivational Poster, High School. Slowly taking Matt's smilel away, one year at a time.
High School Demotivational Poster
How do I get this spider off me?,
How do I get this spider off me?
Ron Paul, Ron Paul just wanted to help the country.
Ron Paul
Loud Phone Talker, No way! I'm annoying the shit out of everyone on my bus too!
Loud Phone Talker
Daddy Stormtrooper, Growing up with my dad who is a stormtrooper.
Daddy Stormtrooper
How much do you love me?, How much do you love me? Look at the stars.
How much do you love me?
Gold Ones, Jesus wants to get the gold out of the patient's mouth and get out of there.
Gold Ones
Asian Facebook Timeline, As an Asian... Facebook Timeline. Doing it right?
Asian Facebook Timeline

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