Gandalf tells it the way it is. demotivational, gandalf, study, pass, school
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If you dont study, you shall not pass.
demotivational, gandalf, study, pass, school
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I'll study later,
I'll study later
High School Demotivational Poster, High School. Slowly taking Matt's smilel away, one year at a time.
High School Demotivational Poster
How do I get this spider off me?,
How do I get this spider off me?
You have a family request, Luke gets a facebook family request.
You have a family request
Einstein's Question,
Einstein's Question
I'll come too!, Getting excluded from a party.
I'll come too!
I call next!, I call next!
I call next!
Train Five!, How to give a high five as a train conductor.
Train Five!
Minecraft Husband Rage, Husband comes home to see wife with Creeper.
Minecraft Husband Rage

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