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forever alone, cleverbot
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I'm in a long distance relationship., I'm in a long distance relationship. Shes in my future.
I'm in a long distance relationship.
I cut out my heart, Just a paper heart.
I cut out my heart
The Thought Of Not Answering,
The Thought Of Not Answering
Angry Buffet, Angry Buffet
Angry Buffet
Childhood Memories with Gameboy,
Childhood Memories with Gameboy
I Heard You Like Cats, Yo dawg, I heard you like cats.
I Heard You Like Cats
Shot for every facebook like, Someone had a fun weekend...
Shot for every facebook like
Bruno Mars Lyrics Fail, Bruno Mars didnt think these lyrics through.
Bruno Mars Lyrics Fail
You've met your match machine!, What the hell kind of terrible machine gives out pieces of fruit as prizes.
You've met your match machine!

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60s Spider-man, Troll Jesus, Face Swap, Forever Alone, Pokemon Comics, First World Problems, Conspiracy Keanu, Troll Physics, Stoner Comics, Demotivational, When you see it, Captcha Art, Reaction Faces, Things With Faces

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